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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make up Tips

How to choose a perfect foundation for your skin tone..

Make sure your skin is free from make up and walk out to the sunlight..
If your face turns red, that's mean you have a cool skin tone. You may choose porcelain or ivory foundation. If your face turns yellowish, tan or dark, that's mean you have a warm skin tone. You may choose yellow base foundation such as golden or honey..

***Tips credit to 'EH Magazine' Nov 2010 Edition - nota cantik corner

Monday, December 27, 2010

Make up Review

Mustika Ratu Stick Foundation & Loose Powder

Stick Foundation
- Can be used for light make up
- Price is much affordable
- It wasnt really has a good coverage though, but I think it is suitable for daily use coz we dont need heavy make up on daily basis rite??
- Stick Foundation is not recomendded for those with oily skin, yeah..mine is oily on T Zone..It makes my skin shiny on the The Zone, the foundation is really gone on that area..

Loose Powder
- The texture is very light and smooth on skin
- nice smell
- Price is much afforadble
- Not suitable for me, because the powder is totally gone on my T Zone area

Both Loose Powder & Stick Foundation comes in two shades, the light and the dark one..if you wear the light foundation make sure your wear the dark loose powder and vice versa..this is to balance the skin color, if not either your skin will look too fair or too dark..

My 2 cent - I think this foundation & powder are perfect for those with normal skin..;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make up Review

Revlon - New Complexion long wearing 2 way whitening foundation

It wasn't easy for me to find a suitable two way cake foundation with my skin...have tried out many products before, but my skin only click with Cosway Miami 2 way cake foundation only..After years of using it and got bored already, I came across with this Revlon - New Complexion long wearing 2 way whitening foundation..Its really suit with my skin and as good as Cosway Miami..So to those Cosway Miami user, dont hesitate to try out this product, It wont let you down...

- The texture is light & smooth
- Skin will look more whiten & natural
- Not last very long, although it's claimed for long wearing
- A bit oily for my skin (only on T-zone area)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to apply lip gloss

Got this tip from one of Make Up Gurus & also from the beauty corner in The Malay Mail..

"For applying lip gloss, just dab a little in the middle of your lips. This gives an illusion of fuller, plumper lips"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lipstick for uneven lips skin tone

I got this lips skin tone is uneven..Got this tip from Pro Makeup Artiste..
Apply a thin layer of concealer first before you apply your works and your lipstick will stick to the more uneven lips color...perfecto!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make-up Review - Revlon Lipstick

Revlon Colorbust Lipstick

-the texture is very light , you won't feel like you wearing one!(this is what I like the most)
-interesting color selection, cool!(mine is mauve)
-the casing is sooooo elegant!

- not so long lasting..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Make up Tips

Eye shadow stay in place.....

"Does your eyeshadow crease easily?Make it stay put longer by removing excees oil from your lids with a bit of toner.Next apply an eyelid primer before eyeshadow application. This provides a suitable canvas for eyeshadow."
-courtesy of Cleo Magazine, Aug 2010 edition-

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Make-up Review - Silkygirl Mascara

Silkygirl Double Intense Waterproof Mascara
- Easy to wash off
- waterproof as it claimed
- non smudge
- affordable price
- It doesn't volumize & lengthen my lashes
- It is 'comb' type not brush, I think it doesn't work for me

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make up Tips

**courtesy from Cleo Magazine - June 2010

"Spice up your eyeliner application by wearing a black liner on the upper lash line and a coloured liner on the lower lash line for a lil' pizzazz"

Monday, July 5, 2010

False lashes

I'm a big fan of false lashes..I really need them to make my eyes look bigger..So far I've tried three brand of false lashes.Lets check out my review about them

1) Not sure what brand it is, but I think it is from China.I bought them at local beauty store,Sinma.mmmm...didn't really like them, coz they are a bit heavy and thick.Quiet hard for me to apply mascara on them and my lashes didn't blend together with them. It will look 2 layers of lashes.

2)This false lashes are from Elianto.It is ok and easy to form and blend with mascara & my lashes.A bit pricey , I think.:)

3) The best false lashes so far is this brand, Jolly and made from Indonesia.I was introduce and bought this superb + savy false lashes from my makeup Guru - Nurin.You wont feel anything wearing them and it is very easy to form & blend perfectly with your lashes and mascara.Another good thing about this lashes is they were hand made.

The price is only 3MYR per cheap and so great!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make-up Review - Elianto Brush Set

Elianto Brush Set

It comes in a cute PVC bag and contains;
1.Face brush
2. Blusher brush
3. Nose sharper brush
4. Eyes blender
5. Small angled brush
6. Lip brush
7. Eyeshadow applicator
8. Eyebrow brush

Eventhough the price is reasonable (about 50++MYR), the brushes are really not in their best quality(sorry!). Definitely not suitable to be used for client's make up.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The quest for the best Lip Gloss

(from left to right:Maybelline, Farmasi Color,ZA,Silky Girl,Sari Ayu,Rimmel)
I've tried several drugstore brands of lip gloss, but still couldn't find the best one, the most long lasting..Here are some of them and my ranking for them..
2)Farmasi Color
4)Sari Ayu
6)Silky Girl
Any suggestion?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mascara application

I got this tip from magz
-Curl your eyelashes & hold it for 30 sec before you apply mascara
- Then after it dries, curl your lashes back for another 30 sec
- your eyelashes will look more dramatic than usual..worth to try!
P/S:sharing is caring

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make-up Review - The Make up manual by Bloop de Paris

Part 2

1. Two way cake foundation
2. Blusher
3. Lip Color
4. Lip Gloss
5. Lip Brush
6. Eye shadow applicator
7. 3 colors of eye shadow
8. Eye shadow base

Eye Shadow Swatches

It's me wearing those;O

Sorry , the pic is blurr, didnt show much of the color..dont know how to edit lor..
What I like..
1. The combination of eyeshadows color
2. Lip color & lip gloss
*I prefer this set instead of the previous one..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make up Tips

I'm sure I've read this somewhere in a blog or magazine, a tip from professional make up artist..
If you are using liquid foundation and you want the best result of it, you should tap the foundation on skin using your fingers first before blend it using sponge..It would look neat & perfectly blend on your skin...I've tried this unintentionally and I kept wonder why my face look different and then I realized, I've applied the foundation with a different method like I used to...So guys, lets try...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make-up Review - The Make up manual by Bloop de Paris

Part 1

The Make-Up Manual by Bloop de Paris
Bought 2 Make-Up Manual with RM 48

1. Two way cake foundation
2. Blusher
3. Lip Color
4. Lip Gloss
5. Eye shadows
6.Eye shadow applicator & Lip Brush
The Eyeshadow swatches

My look using those

My Review
I like the lip color & lip gloss...they are long lasting

Monday, May 10, 2010

Make-up Review - in2it eyeliner

in2it - Waterproof Gel Liner (pic courtesy from Sweet
Thank God...for this miracle Gel Liner...This is the best among the best...No need a branded cosmetic, you can just find this at your local drugstore...It's soooooo....amazing...I lovin' got to try this...
- Easy to apply (it glides smoothly on ur eyelid)
- Long lasting
- Smudgeproof & Waterproof
- The color is sooooo didn't turn grey for long wearing
- easy to take off
- Don't expose to sun, because this is Gel based, it might melt under sun exposure...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Make-up Review - Simplysiti Lipstick

Simplysity Gorgeous Lip Color in SutraMaya LC06

whoooaaa...what can I say about this Lipstick.....I fell in love instantly with the color...Siti Nurhaliza also claimed that this is her favorite color tooo...the color is natural..Afterall, Simplysiti product not let us down...hmmm...I think it's a bit pricey isn't it?


- Nice color, texture & smell


- its not matte lipstick, kinda sheer, so its easy to wipe off from lips..



Monday, April 19, 2010

A must have book...

Variasi Asas Solekan by Amy Janz & Lily Haslina Nasir

This is a must have book...For all make up lovers 0r make up artiste wannabe, this book really worth your penny....A good reference & guidance...Completed with every details from A-Z of make up application & lots makeup tips..I bought this book @ Pesta Buku, PWTC...Original price is RM 19.90...So guys...go get this book at your nearest bookstore or you can order online here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Make-up Review - Rimmel Makeup Remover

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover


- Easily remove make up especially waterproof mascara or eyeliner

- Not oily


- Agak pedih apabila terkena mata, not good for sensitive eyes even though the product claimed that


- Yes ...

Make-up Review - Revlon Primer

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer


- Smooth on skin

- Not oily

- Fast absorb


- Unfortunately, no...


- Yes..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make-up Review - Farmasi Cosmetic

1.Farmasi Make Up Primer Foundation

- not oily
- absorb fast

- texture is sheer

- Yes...I really liked this primer...;)

2. Farmasi Camouflage Liquid Concealer

- Can't think, even 1

- It dries quickly
- It not conceal very well
- The texture is dry, not really suitable at under eye area,because that area is mostly dry

3. Farmasi High Performance Foundation

- Not oily
- Absorb fast
- Texture is light
- Not cakey
- long lasting

- Coverage is not so good, must apply layer by layer to get the perfect coverage

- Yes, I still like this foundation because this is the best foundation for me so far...When I used it, my skin no longer more crack

4. Farmasi Silky Touch Compact Powder

- Light, silky & soft texture
- Long lasting

- A bit dry


Make-up Review - Loreal Mascara

Loreal Extra Volume Mascara Collagen in Blackest Black

- It thickens & lengtens the lashes

- It smudge & sticky
- It's not waterproof

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Make-up Review - Maybelline Mascara

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

- Long Lasting
- Waterproof
- Non smudge
- It curls lashes
- It emphasize lashes

- It's harden the lashes
- It doesnt thickens the lashes

Yes...Maybelline Mascara always the best..

Make-up Review - Elianto Eyeliner

Elianto - Stay On Eyeliner

-non smudge
-long lasting

-Because it's not a pencil,I can't control the thickness of the line when I applied it
- It turns to be gray when we use it for a long time

Yes..if you are looking for waterproof & non smudge eye liner, this is it..

Make-up Review - Loreal Foundation

Loreal True Match Foundation
-Good coverage
-It blend very well on my skin

- A bit oily on my skin
- A bit cakey(it crack a bit when I smile..I can see the line..)


Monday, April 5, 2010

Make-up Review - Rimmel Foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish 16hr Foundation

-Long lasting
-The coverage is okay
-The texture is thick

-It dries quickly
-A bit oily on my skin


Friday, April 2, 2010

My First make up course

This was my first make up course @ Azzalyn Bridal,Puchong...The class was for those with zero knowledge make up(even though I wasn't really zero knowledge)...The course was okay...I did learnt a few usefull tips from the trainers..and the trainers were are the pics taken after the course...check it out..

The course details;

Course : Bengkel Solekan Peribadi Zero Knowledge - Asas
Location : Azzalynn's Bridal, Aromatherapie & Beauty Parlour, Puchong
Date : 19 Dec 2009
Fee : RM 100
Recomendation : Yes, for those that really, really zero knowledge...


hmmm...well, I wasn't impressed at all....

with one of the participant..can't remember her name..

Hi all....

Finally, I managed to create this blog...I always wanted to have my own beauty/make up share my stories in the journey to be a make up artiste..
Seems this is my first entry, I will share with u guys, a little bit about my self & make up...
Since I was young, I loved to see lovely things, like nice 'hantaran' & brides...How I adore them..Everytime there was 'kenduri kahwin' at kampung, I'll make sure I got myself there...I'll make sure I took place in front of 'Mak Andam' to see the make up process...I loved to follow my sister to her friends wedding so that I can entertained my self with all of the lovely stuff :)
And the passion goes on and on until today...I've been thinking, why not I take this as a parttime?As long as I enjoy with what I do...and after got inspired by a few stories from succeed make up artiste blogger, and then the journey started...


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