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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hi all....

Finally, I managed to create this blog...I always wanted to have my own beauty/make up share my stories in the journey to be a make up artiste..
Seems this is my first entry, I will share with u guys, a little bit about my self & make up...
Since I was young, I loved to see lovely things, like nice 'hantaran' & brides...How I adore them..Everytime there was 'kenduri kahwin' at kampung, I'll make sure I got myself there...I'll make sure I took place in front of 'Mak Andam' to see the make up process...I loved to follow my sister to her friends wedding so that I can entertained my self with all of the lovely stuff :)
And the passion goes on and on until today...I've been thinking, why not I take this as a parttime?As long as I enjoy with what I do...and after got inspired by a few stories from succeed make up artiste blogger, and then the journey started...

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