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Monday, April 19, 2010

A must have book...

Variasi Asas Solekan by Amy Janz & Lily Haslina Nasir

This is a must have book...For all make up lovers 0r make up artiste wannabe, this book really worth your penny....A good reference & guidance...Completed with every details from A-Z of make up application & lots makeup tips..I bought this book @ Pesta Buku, PWTC...Original price is RM 19.90...So guys...go get this book at your nearest bookstore or you can order online here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Make-up Review - Rimmel Makeup Remover

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover


- Easily remove make up especially waterproof mascara or eyeliner

- Not oily


- Agak pedih apabila terkena mata, not good for sensitive eyes even though the product claimed that


- Yes ...

Make-up Review - Revlon Primer

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer


- Smooth on skin

- Not oily

- Fast absorb


- Unfortunately, no...


- Yes..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make-up Review - Farmasi Cosmetic

1.Farmasi Make Up Primer Foundation

- not oily
- absorb fast

- texture is sheer

- Yes...I really liked this primer...;)

2. Farmasi Camouflage Liquid Concealer

- Can't think, even 1

- It dries quickly
- It not conceal very well
- The texture is dry, not really suitable at under eye area,because that area is mostly dry

3. Farmasi High Performance Foundation

- Not oily
- Absorb fast
- Texture is light
- Not cakey
- long lasting

- Coverage is not so good, must apply layer by layer to get the perfect coverage

- Yes, I still like this foundation because this is the best foundation for me so far...When I used it, my skin no longer more crack

4. Farmasi Silky Touch Compact Powder

- Light, silky & soft texture
- Long lasting

- A bit dry


Make-up Review - Loreal Mascara

Loreal Extra Volume Mascara Collagen in Blackest Black

- It thickens & lengtens the lashes

- It smudge & sticky
- It's not waterproof

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Make-up Review - Maybelline Mascara

Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

- Long Lasting
- Waterproof
- Non smudge
- It curls lashes
- It emphasize lashes

- It's harden the lashes
- It doesnt thickens the lashes

Yes...Maybelline Mascara always the best..

Make-up Review - Elianto Eyeliner

Elianto - Stay On Eyeliner

-non smudge
-long lasting

-Because it's not a pencil,I can't control the thickness of the line when I applied it
- It turns to be gray when we use it for a long time

Yes..if you are looking for waterproof & non smudge eye liner, this is it..

Make-up Review - Loreal Foundation

Loreal True Match Foundation
-Good coverage
-It blend very well on my skin

- A bit oily on my skin
- A bit cakey(it crack a bit when I smile..I can see the line..)


Monday, April 5, 2010

Make-up Review - Rimmel Foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish 16hr Foundation

-Long lasting
-The coverage is okay
-The texture is thick

-It dries quickly
-A bit oily on my skin


Friday, April 2, 2010

My First make up course

This was my first make up course @ Azzalyn Bridal,Puchong...The class was for those with zero knowledge make up(even though I wasn't really zero knowledge)...The course was okay...I did learnt a few usefull tips from the trainers..and the trainers were are the pics taken after the course...check it out..

The course details;

Course : Bengkel Solekan Peribadi Zero Knowledge - Asas
Location : Azzalynn's Bridal, Aromatherapie & Beauty Parlour, Puchong
Date : 19 Dec 2009
Fee : RM 100
Recomendation : Yes, for those that really, really zero knowledge...


hmmm...well, I wasn't impressed at all....

with one of the participant..can't remember her name..

Hi all....

Finally, I managed to create this blog...I always wanted to have my own beauty/make up share my stories in the journey to be a make up artiste..
Seems this is my first entry, I will share with u guys, a little bit about my self & make up...
Since I was young, I loved to see lovely things, like nice 'hantaran' & brides...How I adore them..Everytime there was 'kenduri kahwin' at kampung, I'll make sure I got myself there...I'll make sure I took place in front of 'Mak Andam' to see the make up process...I loved to follow my sister to her friends wedding so that I can entertained my self with all of the lovely stuff :)
And the passion goes on and on until today...I've been thinking, why not I take this as a parttime?As long as I enjoy with what I do...and after got inspired by a few stories from succeed make up artiste blogger, and then the journey started...


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