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Friday, November 23, 2012

Makeup review:Simplysity Simply perferct 2 way cake

I love the inner case.The casing on top of powder is to prevent from broken.not too pricey & it contains SPF 30.It just a bit oily on my skin, but it last long.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The makeup brushes family

Lets get to know 'em;)

Fan brush
To clear your face from dust or makeup residue

Use this brush to apply loose powder/powder for smooth result

Face Shading
For shading at cheekbone, jawline, nose and chin

To apply with liquid, creme or gris foundation

To apply concealer at face or at eye corner

As eyeshadow applicator and to blend eyeshadow

Eyeshadow applicator

Blending Eyeshadow with Eyeliner
To blend eyeshadow with eyeliner

To smooth eyeliner application

To smooth brow before and after form

To have smooth lipstick application by using lip brush

Thursday, October 11, 2012

All time favorite moisturizer

This is my favorite moisturizer - ever.It is 2 in 1 -moisturizer + UV protector, coz it contains SPF 24.
It is super cheap also.Just 10 bucks for 30ml bottle.My skin felt smooth and the most important is, it is not oily on my skin.It did quite a good job on my skin, and it blends well when I apply foundation and powder on my skin.Ohh, it is fast absorb too.
OLAY natural white - day moisturizer
* love the mini bottle, cute and very handy,rite??

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make up review - mascara's mascara again, =) what to do..this is my favorite make up item..
Ok, what I can say about this brand is, this is the second best mascara for me after Maybelline (among the average brand)..
I felt my lashes light while wearing it,no clump at all.And it is waterproof.super cheap also.
It is Elianto Active wear mascara.TARAAAAA...

The product claim:
Build your lash with this extremely full and naturally perfect lashes, deep and intense that last all day long. This waterproof gelifying polymer make the lash with thickening and dramatic non -flaking lash for your active lifestyle make-up.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

BB cream hunting

It's time for BB cream.And it is a solution that I have for the time being.I have quite a long daily facial/makeup routine everyday and it cost me a gazillion babbles and mind torture everyday.Thanks to my husband.pffttttt
Here is my daily routine before,
2)Tone-after done toning,wait 1-2 minutes to dry
3)Apply essence - wait another 1-2 minutes to dry
4)Moisturizer - wait another minute to get absorb
5)UV cream - wait another minute to get absorb
At least 5-6 minutes to get all the facial routines done before start makeup.Apply powder,blusher,mascara, lipstick n lip really took me a good 20 minutes to finish them.

I was desperately to skip routine no 4-6, and later I found out about BB cream.Not that I didn't know about it before, this time I really into the benefits of BB cream.And what makes me so excited was, BB cream does cover steps 4-6.yeayyy.time savvy. 
There were a few brands of BB cream & tinted moisturizer that I've tried.Here are my review.

1.Loreal UV Perfect BB Max

I've tried using this for few days.It wasn't too oily on my skin.The texture was fine.Not too thick.One thing that bothered me was the color.It made my skin look 'grey'.Affordable price.

2.Stilla Sheer color tinted moisturizer

I bought this after the SA at Sephora convinced me that this is the best for my skin.I used it for a few times also but the result wasn't nice.It is sheer, and sheer doesn't goes well with oily T-Zone area skin like me.It just added more 'sheer' on my skin.The product claimed oil free...well, not really oil free.It is pricey & what a waste because it doesn't suit with my skin.pfffftttt..

3. ZA Total Hydration BB Cream

The texture is a bit thick -like foundation.It's a bit oily on my Tzone area.Just a bit..Plus it got high SPF.I'm comfortable with this one & been using it more than a month now.The price is affordable.
The product claim;

12 in 1 BB Cream Benefits:
1) Conceals Dullness
2) Conceals Pores
3) Creates Healthy Skintone
4) Evens skintone
5) UVA
6) Brightens Skin
7) Mositurize Skin
8) Makes skin look smooth and translucent
9) Non-sticky
10) Livens Up Skin
11) UVB
12) Perfects Skin for Make Up


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