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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Make up Tips

**courtesy from Cleo Magazine - June 2010

"Spice up your eyeliner application by wearing a black liner on the upper lash line and a coloured liner on the lower lash line for a lil' pizzazz"

Monday, July 5, 2010

False lashes

I'm a big fan of false lashes..I really need them to make my eyes look bigger..So far I've tried three brand of false lashes.Lets check out my review about them

1) Not sure what brand it is, but I think it is from China.I bought them at local beauty store,Sinma.mmmm...didn't really like them, coz they are a bit heavy and thick.Quiet hard for me to apply mascara on them and my lashes didn't blend together with them. It will look 2 layers of lashes.

2)This false lashes are from Elianto.It is ok and easy to form and blend with mascara & my lashes.A bit pricey , I think.:)

3) The best false lashes so far is this brand, Jolly and made from Indonesia.I was introduce and bought this superb + savy false lashes from my makeup Guru - Nurin.You wont feel anything wearing them and it is very easy to form & blend perfectly with your lashes and mascara.Another good thing about this lashes is they were hand made.

The price is only 3MYR per cheap and so great!


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