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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Safi Rania Gold Review

Actually  I didn't used the whole sets of Safi Rania Gold (SRG).I only used the cleansers, toner & eye contouring cream.Here is my reveiw :p

1)SRG Facial wash
Product claim:
It claims that it is not only cleanse the skin from dirt's, but also effectively removes make-up & making the skin feel fresh all day.It is enriched with various nutrients that moisturizes, soften & smooth en the skin after each wash.
It leaves the tightness on my skin after using it.:(

2) SRG Facial Scrub
Product claim:
Helps to remove dead skin cells effectively to gain the glowing and healthy skin.
I loved it!

3)SRG Deep Cleansing Gel
Product claim:
Suitable for dry skin, with PH balance formula & its gentle to your skin because it does not undermine the skin's natural emollients each time of wash
The best of cleanser.My skin is so soft and firm after using it.No more tightness.

4)SRG Toner
Product Claim:
SRG Toner formulated with rose essence helps to cleanse & prepare the skin to absorb moisture optimally.

5)SRG Eye Contour Cream
Product Claim:
SRG Eye contour Cream is specially formulated to improve the structure of soft skin around eyes, reduces fine lines & dark circles.
It works on me if consistently used.My dark circles around eyes is lesser.

Overall ,I can tell is I quite satisfied.My skin is less dull after consistently using them about a month.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Makeup Review - Blusher

SimplySity - Feminine Blusher

It comes with a cute container.I love this color, vintage pink.Easy to apply with this form of blusher, no need to use brush (but using brush to apply blusher is more neat).One thing I notice is,you must dab on your palm first before dab on your cheek.It doesn't come out if you straight way dab on your cheek.Not suitable for long wearing.


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