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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tips for a gorgeous black eyes make up..

Punk smudge
Use a thick of dark cream shadow over kids and smudge before using a black kohl pencil on the creases and corners. To set the colours in place, layer with black powder.

Perfect line
A simple look that defines your eyes, use a pencil on the inner rims of your lids before drawing a thin line along the top lashes. Team the look with brown, shadow for a soft finish.

Cleopatra eyes
A looks that take a little more efforts, start by rimming black kohl eye liner around the eyes several times before you mix in the black shadow. The key to achieve this look is blending the shades together so that they cover the eye socket. To lessen the harshness of the look, layer on gold shadow , especially on the inner corners.

**Tips credit to beauty bar, Cleo Nov 2010 edition.


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