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Monday, December 27, 2010

Make up Review

Mustika Ratu Stick Foundation & Loose Powder

Stick Foundation
- Can be used for light make up
- Price is much affordable
- It wasnt really has a good coverage though, but I think it is suitable for daily use coz we dont need heavy make up on daily basis rite??
- Stick Foundation is not recomendded for those with oily skin, yeah..mine is oily on T Zone..It makes my skin shiny on the The Zone, the foundation is really gone on that area..

Loose Powder
- The texture is very light and smooth on skin
- nice smell
- Price is much afforadble
- Not suitable for me, because the powder is totally gone on my T Zone area

Both Loose Powder & Stick Foundation comes in two shades, the light and the dark one..if you wear the light foundation make sure your wear the dark loose powder and vice versa..this is to balance the skin color, if not either your skin will look too fair or too dark..

My 2 cent - I think this foundation & powder are perfect for those with normal skin..;)

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