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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Make up review:eye shadow

Victoria Jackson Creamy Eyeshadow & lip gloss

I loved the case.It's look like a handphone to me. a very elegant one, rite?
I loved the colors colors n natural.Can be wear alone or as eye shadow base.The texture is creamy.

the elegant case
The upper fours are, the eye shadow.The bottom two, lipgloss
The Eye shadow swatches
before applying with VJ creamy eyeshadow

If you guys, is a fan of natural make up, check out VJ make up collection.
owh, its a bit pricey here, in RM..;(

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  1. i have heard of this brand, but i dont know where it is sold at. where did you get it dear?

    check out my blog! would really appreciate if you follow mine! <3



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