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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make up Review - Mascara

Just tried out 3 brands of Mascara recently ;)

Sephora Lash Plumper

First thing that I was attracted to when I saw this mascara is, it brush.I thought with this kind of brush it will give the wow effect on my lashes. But unfortunately it didn't:(

The brush is too big for my lashes, it can't even reach the root of my lashes.In fact,it didn't work for my lashesh.It didn't curl, length not even plumper my lashes.The only good things are, it didn't clump my lashes & easy to clean.This one is not waterproof.

Silky Girl High Definition

Same goes to this.Effect nothing on my lashes although it claimed 'high definition'.The good thing is waterproof.

In2it Lash Extra

It did lenghten my lashes, easy to clean & waterproof.Out of 5, I give 3.

P/S:Maybelline Mascara is still the best so far, whose agree with me??anyone..

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